Are you ready to scale?

We co-operate with investors and accelerators for scaling progress to increase success ratio!

Coach your start-ups to create focus, motivation and energy without taking over - A challenge for many investors and advisors!

Intense work with 60+ founders and teams as well as investors and incubators has brought the following result: The Scaling Toolkit™ for agile leadership suitable for self managing teams - far from industrial age management practices.

Many talk about agility, transparency and co-creation, however, we at Rosebud Ventures & The Scaling Scool actually put this into practice with the founders we work with.

The same tools can be used by investors and advisors to support entrepreneurs with hands-on coaching on their journeys to grow.

Maria’s expertise (pdf)
Founder The Scaling School
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“Maria is a force of energy who has contributed to the tech ecosystem in Stockholm by genuinely and passionately sharing her knowledge on scaling and execution with start-ups and founders. Maria is a very good friend who has helped us to understand parts of our business that could be improved.”

Jonas Almeling

Oskar Malm Wiklund

“As the Peak Incubator invested in an Accelerator in Åre we looked for an external partner for support and coaching. The Rosebud Ventures toolkit in combination with a turn-key accelerator program The Scaling School made it easy for us to get going. The Scaling School was applicable to all start-ups attending without compromising their specific needs. Resulting in immediate energy and execution”

Pelle Simonson & Linn Nilsson
Peak Region Incubator

“The Scaling School program was an eye opener for us and gave us a solid base to sharpen our next stage of growth. We have since then had continued progress checks with our coach to proceed in a very hands on manner. For instance the customer segmentation tool proved valuable in a fast pivot during corona times”

Emelie Sellberg
Outdoor Buddies, Participant in Peak Region Incubator

“As an active investor in various entrepreneurial businesses we have the following challenge: Where do we draw the line of how operational we should be and how do we decide when to log out from day to day operations working with our portfolio companies? The Scaling School has given us valuable insights and tools to coach our teams and create our own best practice.”

Diana Selguson & Magnus Jopevi

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